"Mr. Arthur Ainsberg's presentation at Baruch was fantastic. I really enjoyed the way that he tied in the life and work of explorer Ernest Shackleton into a business leadership lesson. I found the presentation inspiring and Mr. Ainsberg was a great public speaker."

Reisha Goldman
Honors MBA Student, 2008
Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College

"Arthur Ainsberg's talk on April 18, 2007 about the leadership of Sir Ernest Shackleton was truly remarkable. Ainsberg spoke with deep passion about his knowledge and admiration for the British explorer, who defeated all odds throughout his successful Antarctica journey. The very important lesson of treating others with respect was certainly highlighted, as evidenced through Shackleton's inspirational history as a journeyman, as well as Mr. Ainsberg's admirable experiences in the world of finance and within the Baruch community."

Jason I. Cohen
Honors MBA Program, Class of 2007
Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College

"Arthur Ainsberg's unique presentation was amazing and adds true value to the MBA experience. Sir Ernest Shackelton was an amazing person and a true leader under pressure. "

Ann Cohen Brandwein, Ph.D.
Professor of Statistics
Department of Statistics & CIS, Baruch College

"I found that Arthur Ainsberg's presentation was highly captivating and inspirational. Sir Ernest Shackleton's achievement was incredible, and the leadership lessons drawn were well grounded in the vivid video case study."

Richard E. Kopelman
Professor of Management and Academic Director
Executive MSILR Program Baruch College

"Arthur Ainsberg knows extreme leadership! Mr. Ainsberg's informed, vivid description of the Shackleton expedition fosters an analytical appreciation of the strengths and limitations of a historically famous leader."

Professor Donald Vredenburgh
Management Department, Baruch College

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